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8th August 2006

News update. Carried Away is out now!

17th June 2006

Added The Beauty Of Your Soul, Carried Away and Carried Away Japan to the Discography.

15th June 2006


5th May 2006


20th April 2006

News on the reunion...

15th February 2006

A News update!

16th July 2005

There have been a lot of updates today. I've re-coded the entire site to make it more accessible and stuff. But that's boring really. Each section has been updated in some way, but major updates are to the Discography and Songs sections which are looking more complete than ever if you don't mind me saying. Also, all the mp3s in the Multimedia section have been re-encoded and are much higher quality. Download them if you please. Also, if you have tried to join the mailing list since June 2003(!) then please join again as there was a problem with all submissions which I didn't find out until now... Oops.

18th February 2005


4th April 2004

News and Discography.

21st February 2004

The old Songs section was uploaded because people have been asking for it... you can get it by clicking on Songs.

13th February 2004

I've added the News Archives to the News section. It took me ages to transfer all the pages to the new design - much longer than I was expecting. Hopefully there will be more updates soon.

10th January 2004

Gigography updated.

14th December 2003

Gigography updated.

2nd December 2003

Gigography and Press up-and-running. Currently in early stages.

10th November 2003

Multimedia online.

3rd November 2003

Site back online. News, Biography and Gallery launched.