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When I was 14 I was Spodicus Methodicus
A shy aniseed in a circle of one
I never made friends in the bullying and dog hairs
My house was a tramp and I was alone

But in my mind, there was I, butterfly
In my mind, there was I, butterfly
Inside, there was I, butterfly

When I was 18 I was ready for adventure
Imagining love in the aching night
I had a crush for a year on Michelle
I never found the words as she passed me by

And all the time, I was I, butterfly
Inside, there was I, butterfly
Inside, there was I, butterfly

Then came sucessions of girlfriends
Alcohol and trainers at the weekend
Pain like a drain on my sense of wonder
Makes you wonder
How many butterflies have died in growing old
And trying to please the ones they least admire

And now I'm older I am Ooberus Oblivious
I dedicate my soul to the eternal breeze
I spend my days chasing music through a keyhole
In love with somebody in an era of peace

But in my mind, I am I, butterfly
In my mind, I am I, butterfly
Inside, there is I, butterfly...

Written By:
D. Popplewell
Found On:
Bluebell Morning EP
Hey Petrunko
Hey, Petrunko plus...
Dan: Once upon a time called Dance of the Caffeinated Failures then Caffeine Dance, it finally became SnakeDance after a month of playing Snake on my phone. The lyrics are mostly from a song "I Butterfly" I wrote the same week as Sugar Bum and Serotonin Smile in 1997, but by the time I recorded it I was ready to infuse it with influences (and samples) from Khatchaturian's famous Sabre Dance. The version on the Bluebell Morning EP was the cut down club mix. This is the full version, with 70s middle bit and a dramatic new violin intro, calling like a voice on the desert winds before the storming Mullahs arrive on horseback.

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