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Open The Hatch

Somewhere in the fathomless depths of space
A lonely astronaut goes
Searching in vain for signs of life or hope
These are his words...

Space, vast and empty
We searched every crater
And found no God in the stars
There's nothing left to believe in
(So open the hatch)

Never seen so much beauty
(So open the hatch)

Your oxygen is running low
Computer, remove helmet
Ready... Open the hatch...

Weary and depressed, he stepped out into space
But as his body scattered across the stars
The universe exploded into infinite life
He cried to himself
"I am home at last"

Written By:
D. Popplewell
Found On:
Hey Petrunko
Dan: This is a spacey 3 minute piano and strings epic. A story about a lonely astronaut who's searched the whole universe and found no alien life, and no God. Brilliant Oliver Postgate-style narration by Sophie's dad Geoffrey Churney.

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