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Laughter Lines

I still remember when I first saw your eyes
I turned red, my heart stopped
I was love lost and shy
But I never told you
I just froze there
And my moment was gone

And I often wonder if I come out my shell
Would we have turned out
Just like everyone else?
Maybe I was safer never trying
You'd be too much to lose

Imagine you and me
On a picnic in the spring
Feel the warmth of summer coming on the breeze
Look into your laughter lines
See the past we've left behind
And though were growing old we'll grow together

Maybe I should call you on a wave of romance
Ask you do you remember if I ever had a chance?
But someone as beautiful as you are
Must be tied down by now

Written By:
D. Popplewell
Found On:
Dolphin Blue
Hey! Tour Bootleg: B-Sides

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