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Honeydew was a beautiful young rabbit. He spent his days on the open meadow, munching dandelion leaves and twitching his nose at the midges. He was a very content little rabbit, though the long summer days, maybe it made him forget how lucky he was.

It was early on one September evening, when he should have known better than to stray so far from the warren, that he found himself walking along a strange trail. The bark of trees that he didn't recognise; strange scents, strange smells blowing on the breeze. As he walked into a path of undergrowth, just wondering what might be there, he trapped his leg in a hidden metal snare.

Now, at first it seemed like another silly little fix he could think his way out of, but the more he pulled, the deeper the wire started to bite into him until at last it started to draw blood from under his fur. He tried to call for help over t'brow, but his little voice was lost on the breeze. Before he knew it, the murky dusk had fallen all around him.

As the light started to fail, out in the cracks and the cold swish of night, the scent of foxes lurked. His stomach got all knotted in fear. As the night wore on, he started to drift into this strange happy daze, the cold air almost comforting him. He could see from where he was laying, he could see the stars, silhouetted by the black swaying trees. Warily, he began to hum a little tune at the rising moon. He wrapped himself up into the night, like it was a blanket.

But in a shock, his senses came back, he could smell foxes lurking in every dark shadow. In panic, he started to bite at his leg, till eventually he bit clean through his bone. With his dead paw still left wet in the trap, he sprinted for home in terror; chasing the moon up the hill through a blur of tears.

When he reached the top of the hill, he saw the old warren, emerging in the morning light. All battered and worn, he dragged his way back to the warren. But when he got there, his old friends wouldn't let him in.

"Life is hard enough," they said, "without carrying invalids."

Shunned and broken when the light rolled over the mist; not knowing where to go, he only knew that he couldn't be a burden to his friends and loved ones. Poor Honeydew only lived like that for another three weeks, his head full of foxes and silly thoughts. But when he died, it wasn't the foxes, or even his bad back leg; it was a broken heart. One day, he just knew, and let himself fall in the stream, and there his body lies now, under the currents. Wasted and worn, and no-one would know it was poor Honeydew.

Written By:
D. Popplewell
Found On:
The Story So Far
Shorley Wall EP
Heavy Duty (Kill The Rabbit Re-Mix)
Dan: This began as a story I was telling a girl by candlelight one night, which started all happy and full of care, but inside I felt unhappy and stressed (because our relationship wasn't working out) and found myself having to turn the story into a dark one in order to upset her, which is cruel. It worked - I made her cry. A few months later we recorded the piano at 4am one morning, me working from an elaborate diagram that said things like: 'EERIE! RUN! RUN! FOXES! Calm down... Do F# bit...' I had the parts more or less worked out in my head but I can't read or write music, so the diagram helped. I think when Honeydew's friends turned him away because he was an invalid - that's how I felt about myself and my friends. I know everyone cared but sometimes it just seems like I have to face the world alone.

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