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Goodbye Gadfly

Do you remember how we used to live?
We used to drive each other mad
I still miss you in part of my dreams
In the world that I left in my teens

Those were the days of grand naivety
We had the world beneath our feet
Remember the cidery stars?
And the streetlights and bus stops were ours

Goodbye Gadfly
(Bastard sky)

Do you remember all those summer nights?
We used to walk around the world
But most days were boring and long
And that's how it is to be young

Goodbye Gadfly
(Bastard sky)

When I die I'll touch the sky
And we can fly around the world
We were the dreamers
Everytime the wind blew
In the breeze that you knew

Written By:
D. Popplewell
Found On:
First Day Of The Holidays
Dan: An old song from 1990, about a girl who I'd just split up with at the time. As you'll know yourself, the first is the worst breakup. I recorded this as a demo for the new album and added some new words that brought back memories of teenage summer nights drinking cider by the off licence. My dad's been badgering me to record this for years.

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