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Follow The Sun

Sleep in the sun in the morning
Sleep in the sun on the floor
'Cause tonight I'll be there

When we're through with the customary greetings
Our souls will migrate to the stars
And we'll breathe when we can

We'll follow the sun
And the sun will never set for us

We are the dust of the future
And we'll fall where the thistledown falls
And rest for a while
And we'll drive like the wind in the moonlight
Over table top moors
And on to the stars

We'll follow the sun
And the sun will never set for us
And the sun will never set for us

We'll follow the sun
And the sun will never set for us

Written By:
D. Popplewell
Found On:
Running Girl
Running Girl US
Running Girl Japan
Danny: This song is the first example of a theory: that if you love someone enough you'll transcend death and spend eternity together roaming the universe. On the chorus I sing 'follow the sun', while Sophie sings 'stay where you are' at the same time, an idea which is meant to have the tension of a contradiction, but underneath they mean the same thing: always stay young in your heart as you are now; and do this by following the sun (love, the things that make you instinctively happy like travelling and making music) and not getting bogged down in the shit of the world. When it says 'follow the sun, and the sun will never set for us', I meant a sort of sad irony, because in fact the hopeless following of love - thinking that it will make you live forever - is at odds with a life that has to be full of reality, pain, responsibilities and death. But never mind that, this is an optimistic song that for 3 minutes indulges me and you in a more hopeful vision of lifes meaning.

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