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A Place I Call Home

Born with a dream of a far off place
Used to be home but it's not that now
Tell me does it still look the same
Is the Summer night sky still the same shade of midnight?
Have they not cut down the trees?
Wind for the blossom and breeze
A place I call home

Written By:
A. Flett
Found On:
The Story So Far
Shorley Wall EP
Andy: A Place I Call Home is a bit of nostalgia for ye olde Bradforde. Wibsey (ancient name: 'Wibbetsey', old Norse for 'island in the bog') is an old pre-Norman conquest hill top village overlooking Bradford (broad-ford). To the north you get a sweeping view of the wastes of Bronte country, to the south you can see the shimmering lights of the M62 snake across Last of The Summer Wine country, guiding the tireless Eddie Stobart trucks on their way. Nearby, there's a sprawling wood, we call it Judy Woods. I wrote this one sat in a bedsit in Birmingham wondering where 'home' was, given that I hadn't lived in Bradford for a couple of years and when I went back I felt like a tourist. Soon I intended to move to Liverpool to join up with Danny and Steve, so I had a strange sense of floating free without roots (a mixture of liberation meets homesickness), and I realised I would probably feel like this for the rest of my life. Well, I may be a tourist when I go back to Bradford, but each time, I get to see it with new eyes.

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