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Alone At Last

Alone at last, finally leave the day behind
To the past, close my eyes and clear my mind
Free, from the noise
And the changing faces
Wind down, wind down

Every day, life is like a crowded room
I mean to say so many things
But never really do
Like do you know
You're my inspiration?
Love you, love you

Go to sleep, I'll gently sing a lullaby
Your soul to keep, I'll miss you 'til the day I die
Sink, further now
To a sea of dreaming
Goodbye, goodbye

Written By:
A. Flett
Found On:
Running Girl
Running Girl US
Running Girl Japan
Andy: I finally got back home one night after one of our mythical gigs in Liverpool. After a day of frazzled adrenalin, promo and aftershow in-yer-face-ness I got inside, closed the door and thought how good it was to be alone in the quietness. I wanted to capture a few things about that state of reflection. Like the literal feeling of worn out-ness, then the sense of being alone at least with someone you've wanted to be with but couldn't be; the sense of tuning into someone else's headspace despite all the day to day distractions getting in the way. How precious and how often taken for granted time spent with your soul mate is, after all, they could drop dead tomorrow.

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