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Updated: 3rd November 2003

Well, we're back. Everything seemed to fall apart after Ooberman disbanded, but hopefully things should start to look up now. and have been taken offline, and so - therefore - the Oobtube (the official forum) went byebyes. Without getting too far into band politics, all I can say is that it was beyond Andy and Steve's control and they're trying their best to get the sites back online. The nice person that I am, I've set up a brand new forum for all you lost souls. I tried to contact as many of the users as I could remember, but as the forum disappeared rather abruptly, I couldn't make note of everyones e-mail addresses. Anyway, pop along to the new Oobtube by clicking here. It was impossible to back-up the user info and post archives, so we had to start from scratch. All I can do is apologise.

In a totally unrelated incident, I also lost control of the domain name. What a bugger that was. Talk about bad timing, eh? But we're back online now so that's enough of that.

So... what are the ex-Oobs up to?
Unconfirmed reports suggest that front-man Dan Popplewell is currently writing a book on Philosophy, and also taking a PhD in the subject. Apparently, he's arguing that we all live in a computer. Moving on...

Phantom309Andy has joined Steve to create a Phantom309 bigger and better than before. If you don't know what Phantom309 is, you haven't lived. Phantom309 was Steve's side-project. As well as recording his own songs, he remixed quite a few Ooberman tracks. These include SteveTrooper (b-side to Million Suns 12") and Kill The Rabbit (part of the Heavy Duty e-single). One of his own songs, Fly Around The World, was a b-side to the Beany Bean single. So yeah. They're currently recording new songs for future release, so I guess you'll hear anything here first.

Unfortunately, I haven't got a clue what Sophia is up to these days. Jaymie is doing his own thing, but expect him to be part of Phantom309 in one way or another.

I'll try and get the site fully up and running as soon as possible. I hope you like the new look!

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