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24th December 2001

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year II
This is from the band to the official mailing list:

Hi there,

A big Merry Christmas to everyone on the mailing list near and far! I hope we'll see you somewhere on our May tour.

Danny, Andy, Sophie, Stevis and Jaymie

- posted by James at 10:36 AM

23rd December 2001

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
To those who celebrate the birth of Jesus, or those who just buy people presents every year because money grabbing bastards tell you that you have to: Happy Christmas! I hope you all have a great time. Have a Happy New Year, too. Get pissed. But don't drive motor vehicles afterwards. Get a taxi!

- posted by James at 3:25 PM

12th December 2001

The band will tour in May 2002 to promote the release of the Hey Petrunko album on May the 27th! Wahey!

No gig
From the official web-site:

With apologies to those coming to the 'secret' acoustic gig at the Picket (20th December, Christmas Quiz Night), Ooberman have had to pull out because of the pressure of finishing the album on time. A good night is still guaranteed for all, with 3 bands and a jolly christmas music quiz in benefit of CALM, the charity for depressed young men. The Oobs will still probably pop in for a pint after the studio.

What's this?
A bad review? This is from Q Magazine:

Second mini-album from Liverpool popsters led by Dan Popplewell.

Blur protégés Ooberman enjoyed brief "indie hopeful" status in the late '90s. In 1998 their Shorley Wall was champoined by Jo Whiley and became the intro music on the Manic Street Preachers tour. Dropped by their major label, who wanted to make a new Beautiful South of them, they slunk off to rethink, returning three years later newly independant. It's not so much a case of "how strange the change from major to minor" however. While ostensibly more experimental, Running Girl is simply a slightly more introverted take on Ooberman's already lightweight, melodic pop. With dabs of electronics, voiceboxes, baroque arrangements and Sophie Churney's feathery vocals, songs such as Follow the Sun are altogether too pretensious and coy-sounding to make much impact. For those who find Belle and Sebastian too harsh.
Review by Toby Manning.

- posted by James at 1:19 PM

7th December 2001

More of the same
A very belated, yet very good review of Running Girl has surfaced but I'm sure I've read it somewere before...

- posted by James at 12:35 PM

3rd December 2001

OoberStuff for sale
That pesky CentralRecords dude has been on The OobTube again, advertsing his "super sexy rare Ooberman stuff" that is up for auction, and here it is:
The Magic Treehouse PROMO CD
Shorley Wall CD EP
Dolphin Blue CD single

- posted by James at 4:03 PM

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