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30th November 2002

Petrunko exclusives!
Hey PetrunkoI was just browsing the web and I have stumbled across loads of information about the new album! To the right you can see the brand new artwork for Hey Petrunko. And also, here is the tracklisting the album:

Hatch Opens
Bluebell Morning
Running Girl
Dreams In The Air
Where Did I Go Wrong?
Hand That Gets Burnt
SnakeDance [extended version]
Open The Hatch
Cities That Fall
Abstract Sky
Petrunka's Dream
First Day Of The Holidays
Secret World
The Clearing

It's also stated that there will be a bonus track - Summer Nights In June - and that there will be CD extras featuring the Oober-documentary film and videos for Bluebell Morning, Running Girl and Beany Bean. There is also a new e-shop, where you can use your credit cards to buy the official merchandise. Click here to launch the new e-shop. I've also found an audio clip of Bre, Petrunko, the Bulgarian folk song from which the new album gets its name. You can find that here and read the lyrics to that song here (scroll down a bit).

Remember to check out this coming Friday (6th December) to download high quality images of the album artwork, download audio clips of brand new tracks and also download a high-quality full-length exclusive track, Lavender Blue, although I seem to have stolen their flame somewhat. Guilty as charged, your honour.

- posted by James at 2:59 PM

8th November 2002

Download Oober Alles
The 2 hours when Lavender Blue will be available will commence at 8pm GMT on 6th December (that's a Friday). Write it in your diary! If you live in the USA that will be about 2pm. I think. Remember: you will only have two hours.

Also on the 6th, a seven-minute documentary about the band will be available for download from the site. It's also going to be shown on TV sometime in the future, apparently...

- posted by William at 10:56 PM

5th November 2002

Es are good!
Ooberman will make a brand new track, Lavender Blue, available as a free mp3 download for two hours only on Friday 6th December 2002 over at The track is not on the forthcoming album, and will never be available anywhere else. On the same date there will be major updates on the site, including a sneak preview of the Hey Petrunko artwork and sound clips. The band will also be in the chat room the same night.

Album release dates
UK: Late-January, Mid-February 2003 (Rotodisc)
Taiwan: January 2003 (September Culture International)
Denmark: February (label not confirmed)
We'll provide links to online shops where you can buy the imports if we find them out. Also, the album is apparently now all finished: recording, mastering, artwork... We'll know when we get there...

Not satisfied with Es?
The plan at the moment is to release a double a-sided single in January to proceed the album. Tracks will be Andy's Sophia-sung Cities That Fall and Dan Pop's Where Did I Go Wrong? Of course, more news when we get it.

- posted by James at 12:16 PM

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