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26th November 2001

New single alert!
The rough plan of next years releases looks a bit like this:

18th Feb: Abstract Sky single
7th May: Bluebell Morning single
27th May: Hey Petrunko album

The list is undoubtedly subject to change, as we have learnt of the past few months or so. It's looking good though! Album out a few days before my birthday :)

- posted by James at 7:56 PM

21st November 2001

We love reviews
Go here for another Running Girl review.

- posted by James at 8:38 PM

That's Jaymie to you...
The new OoberDrummer is in fact called Jaymie not Jamie...

- posted by James at 7:18 PM

Ooberman International!
It has been announced that deals are currently being set up for the distribution and licensing of Ooberman material in France, Denmark, Japan and the USA. There is also the possibility that Ooberman could play some live dates in the US in February 2002.

Nouveau website d'Ooberman is set to have a sister-site in the form of an Official French Ooberman website which is now being designed.

- posted by Ben at 2:15 AM

20th November 2001

OoberDrummer explodes
Well, not really... but Paul Walsham has been sacked by the band because "he wasn't putting enough time in". He has been replaced by Jamie Ireland, who has worked with the likes of Space and The Lightning Seeds before becoming an Oob. {thanks Jim}

We'll Know When We Get There single dropped
We'll Know When We Get There is no longer being issued as a single in January 2002, instead they are releasing a brand new track as a single - probably Bluebell Morning.

- posted by James at 8:22 PM

18th November 2001

Download the Phantom309 remix now!
Go Stevis!

- posted by James at 6:34 PM

15th November 2001

Running Girl Review @
Yet another great review of Running Girl, this time its the turn of to sing the praises of Ooberman's mini-album masterpiece! Click HERE to have a look!

- posted by Ben at 7:25 PM

14th November 2001

CD-R back for bidding
The Running Girl promo CD-R, with Running Girl and the Phantom309 remix, which was up for auction at eBay, is now on auction again. Click. {thanks Stephen}

- posted by James at 6:07 PM

13th November 2001

Just to let you know...
...that there's a release date for the We'll Know When We Get There single, and it's 28th January 2002.

And also...
...we have a ringtone for Here Come the Ice Wolves! Put this into your Nokia. I have no idea what it means but I trust Claire:
4.#f3 8g3 4.#f3 8g3 4#f3 2e3 4.d3 8e3 4.d3 8e3 4d3 4#c3 4a3 4g3 4.#f3 8g3 4.#f3 8g3 4#f3 2e3 8d3 8#c3 4d3 4b2 4#a2 8#g2 8#a2 2b2
{cheers Claire!}

- posted by James at 10:06 PM

11th November 2001

New review
I've posted a lovely review of the mini-album over from Drowned In Sound.

- posted by James at 1:50 AM

9th November 2001

Acoustic Set
We are informed that Ooberman are doing a 'secret' acoustic set at the Picket in Liverpool on Thursday the 20th December during the C.A.L.M. fundraising Christmas quiz night. Call the picket on 0151 708 5318 to reserve your tickets. But sssshh because it's a secret!

And the next single will be...
...Bluebell Morning! But it'll be released after We'll Know When We Get There of course...

- posted by James at 4:47 PM

8th November 2001

Opal stock single
You can buy the Running Girl 7" single for £3 from Opal Music.

- posted by James at 6:41 PM

6th November 2001

Single out now
The Running Girl single was released yesterday. There are only 500 copies available so you'll be lucky to find one in the shops. Order it online at

New single on the way
We'll Know When We Get There, a track from the Running Girl mini-album, will be released as a single in it's own right in January. "New tracks, chart inelegible videos and Phantom mixes" will feature on the 1000-only digi-pak CD.

- posted by James at 6:53 PM

4th November 2001

Running Girl single CD for sale
Go and bid for a copy of the Running Girl promo CD-R featuring Phantom309 remix!

- posted by James at 8:41 PM

2nd November 2001

XFm mp3
We have the mp3 of Bluebell Morning live from the XFm session online now! Click here to download it [zip format] {thanks very much to Oscar}

New Review
Theres a cool review here. {nice one Dave}

- posted by James at 11:31 PM

1st November 2001

OoberTalk returns
Unofficial Ooberman website OoberTalk has finally been updated again - and now it's sporting a very ace new look. Go see!

- posted by James at 10:06 PM

XFM session a sucess
Ooberman's session on XFm was aired last night. The three tracks played were - as previously stated - Dreams In the Air, The Things I Have Lost and Bluebell Morning. They played Dreams In the Air before 9:30pm which was the time stated the tracks would be played so unfortunately I missed it. I will try and get mp3's up, so if anyone can help e-mail me.

- posted by James at 10:19 AM

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