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18th October 2002

Angel of Bradford to become a reality!
It has been revealed that Bradford City Council is thinking of erecting an "Angel of the North"-style figure. Plans are that it will be on the Thornberry Roundabout (the largest roundabout in Yorkshire), facing along the ringroad towards Leeds. For more information, read this article on The Guardian's website.

- posted by William at 1:27 PM

15th October 2002

Rock the Vote!
The Magic Treehouse has been nominated for the DotMusic People's Choice Award, which recognises the best music websites online. The competition is open to both official and unofficial sites, and when you vote, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a JVC digital camcorder. Click here to vote for TMT... you know it makes sense.

- posted by William at 1:57 PM

8th October 2002

E-single's good! E-single's good! He's Ebeneezer Goode!
Ooberman have announced they are releasing a new e-single in November (more details as we get them) and has been extensively redesigned in readiness for the new album.

- posted by William at 7:46 PM

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