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13th September 2002

Waiting for a Lifeline
The release of Ooberman's Hey, Petrunko LP has been postponed until January 20th 2003. Grrr. They have, however, promised their fans "something for Christmas". I hope it is something of the quality of the Running Girl mini-album, or the Bluebell Morning EP. More news as we get it, Ooberpeople.

- posted by William at 7:42 PM

11th September 2002

Back again
The 28th of October will be the 'final' release date of Ooberman's second album, Hey Petrunko, but how many times have we heard that?

- posted by James at 8:40 PM

7th September 2002

Toyah Joins the OoberArmy!

Interviewer: Will you be spinning the latest CD by The Music (see review, page 13)?
Toyah: I'm into a lot of contemporary bands and I love the Led Zeppelin sound, so I would probably enjoy it. And the new one by Ooberman - I definitely want that in the car.

From the This Week With... interview in The Times's Play section, which is available online here.

- posted by William at 11:27 AM

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