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26th August 2002

Oobers in the charts
Beany Bean has charted at number 79, one place above Cornershop's latest effort, but 78 places below where they were aiming. Better luck next time...

- posted by William at 5:24 PM

14th August 2002

Beany Bean review in NME

Prising open the glam-pop vault they've been squatting on ever since Shorley Wall cartwheeled across the charts in 1999, Ooberman have decided, rightly, that a few weeks after the Coral album is as fine a time as any to re-launch their psychedelia-powered rocketship.

"D'you ever get the feeling you're missing out on something?" grumbles singer Dan Popplewell, in the manner of a man who really does feel he's missing out on something. "Christ, yes," we reply, frugging wildly to Beany Bean's magnificent impersonation of the Human League at a ska convention and wondering how we ever thought Mohobishopi could take their place. They may be as fashionable as cat-skin plus-fours but, dammit, it's good to have 'em back." - Sarah Dempster

It's available online here if you don't believe me, and, unlike in the printed version, they have misspelt "Beany" >:(

- posted by William at 3:34 PM

9th August 2002

Sui's on the cover!
Just Sittin' Here - A song written and sung by new Oob drummer Jaymie Ireland. Between drumming he's also an acoustic singer songwriter in his own right, under the name Kingpyn.

Car Song - An upbeat summer guitar pop tune by Andy, about building a car that runs on "love energy". Danny mumbles along like a detuned Moby, then a brilliant Sophie chorus that sounds like sunshine, lawns and distant radios carried on the fragrant breeze. Definitely not an Elastica cover.

Fly Around The World - First Ooberman song for Stevis. A Floydian dreamy classic, evoking stratospheric condors. Melt in his manly hands as he coos: "close your eyes... and think of me." This song originally featured on Phantom309's Different Places EP.

Heroes and Villains - Not the Beach Boys' classic, but in fact a medieval English folk song celebrating 100,000 years of burglary 'since we plundered Neanderthal farms...'. Shades of Golden Brown in the harpsichords, and more dreamy beauty from Sophie at the end. The drumming on this song is by original Ooberman drummer Alan Kelly, and ironically for the subject of the song, was performed just before he disappeared with a stack of Ooberman recording gear under his arm.

Behind My Shield - Another song by Danny about wanting to escape from reality, which was previously only available on the Japanese version (12") of the Running Girl mini-album.

- posted by William at 6:53 PM

OoberNewsletter Round-up!
The Ooberman newsletter has been arriving in email inboxes all over the world packed with the latest info direct from is a news round-up for all those people who haven't got around to reading it yet and those who haven't signed up to the list!!! (Sign up now & stay up to date: It's easy, just send your details to

Beany Bean Info!
Beany Bean has continued to receive radio play from several radio stations including Xfm, Mark and Lard (3 plays), BBC 6 Music (A-list), Music Choice & Century FM, but Dan has revealed that the track may not make it onto the forthcoming album Hey, Petrunko - "I'm proud of the song but it's very daytime and breezy and could sound out of place on a night-time album. We'll see."

Beany B-Sides
CD1 Just Sittin Here (Ireland) + Car Song (A Flett)
CD2 Fly Around The World (S Flett) + Heroes & Villains (Popplewell)
7" Vinyl Behind My Shield (Popplewell)

New Competition
Question: The Beany Bean single sleeve is covered in the heads of the famous and infamous. But who are they all?
The winner will be the person who emails with the most correct names and the prize will be a full set of current Oob merchandise including 3 T-shirts, a sweatshirt and...18 badges! Nice!
Competition closes: 1st September

- posted by Ben at 11:50 AM

1st August 2002

We're bitter and breezy... in Halifax!
Ooberman have asked James to conduct another Ooberpoll. Of course, he jumped at the chance (not very high, mind, but he is only seven inches tall). The poll is intended to discover what kind of people listen to Ooberman. Actually it's more of a survey. Click here to take part.

The results will be collated by a TMT associate while Sui is taking his OoberSabattical.

- posted by William at 8:04 PM

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