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31st July 2002

The Things I Have Lost
Sui's losing his internet for about a month in a couple of days, so it's down to me and the Gittings. I wonder whether Heroes and Villains is a Beach Boys cover, and whether Fly Around The World is the Phantom 309 track. Sophia singing Elastica's Car Song... mmm...

- posted by William at 11:46 AM

30th July 2002

Beany Bean B-Sides!
Beany Bean will feature the following new tracks as it's B-Sides: Heroes & Villains, Behind My Shield, Fly Around The World, Car Song, and Just Sittin Here. One of the CD releases will also contain a full screen version of the Beany Bean video. As soon as we know exactly which B-Sides will appear on CD1, CD2 and the 7" vinyl we'll let you know.

- posted by Ben at 5:35 PM

25th July 2002

Help us out!
Wanted! Pictures, reviews and a setlist from last night's gig at the Metro Club to go on a special page on this here site. A full story and track-by-track review of the night would be great, you will of course be fully credited. Please send your stuff to Cheers.

- posted by James at 7:16 PM

22nd July 2002

Pre-order Beany Bean @ Amazon
You can pre-order CD1 and CD2 of the Beany Bean single at Amazon.

- posted by James at 7:00 PM

18th July 2002

Pre-order Beany Bean @ Opal
You can pre-oder at new Ooberman single, Beany Bean, at Opal. You can order the Hey, Petrunko album there too. The site says that CD1 and CD2 of Beany Bean will be limited to 1500 copies and that there will be only 500 copies of the 7", although there's no official confirmation yet.

- posted by James at 10:41 PM

9th July 2002

Ooberman on Ananova
You can read a short news item about Ooberman on Ananova. {thanks Chris}

- posted by James at 11:10 PM

8th July 2002 update round-up
On there's new news, a new studio diary, some new and really cool merchandise and most importantly you can now download the video for the new Ooberman single, Beany Bean, here! Have fun, pop-pickers.

Beany Bean on Radio 1
Beany Bean, the new Ooberman single, was played on Mark and Lard's Radio 1 show a few days ago. Don't forget to e-mither them and ask them to play it again!

- posted by James at 11:48 PM

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