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15th June 2003

Life's Walshamake it
It appears that we underestimated former Oober-man Paul Walsham. He dropped us a line at The Magic Treehouse to tell us about his current band, Amsterdam, who are seemingly doing very well, appearing on Jonathon Ross with Elvis Costello, no less. I haven't as yet managed to download any of their music from their site, but if Elvis likes them, they must be good.

- posted by William at 6:33 PM

13th June 2003

TMT News? What the...?
Hello. Yes, an update. Well, as you should already know, Ooberman have split up. I'd rather not go into band politics, but reading the following posts on the The OobTube may help: one | two | three. So what's happening now? I'm not entirely sure. More news soon.

Hey Petrunko Plus
Hey Petrunko PlusYou can now buy a Japanese import CD, entitled Hey Petrunko Plus, from Townsend Records. The tracklisting runs (strangely) as follows:

Hatch Opens
First Day Of The Holidays
Falling Down (unreleased)
Heavy Duty (new version)
Beany Bean
Hand That Gets Burnt
Heroes N Villains (sic)
Summer Nights In June
Car Song
Bluebell Morning
Running Girl
Why Did My Igloo Collapse?
Dolphin Blue
Live Again (sic)
Cities That Fall
Dreams In The Air
Secret World

The CD (catalogue number ARTD-5514) comes in a digipak and has a lyric booklet and Japanese song notes, and features a CD-extra with videos for Bluebell Morning and Beany Bean. There's limited numbers available, and it's priced at £11.05 (not including VAT or delivery charges). Buy it now!

- posted by James at 2:14 PM

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