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30th June 2002

There are some pictures from the recent Ooberman gig at the Preston Warehouse on their web-site. The first picture is Jaymie Ireland!

- posted by James at 12:31 PM

17th June 2002

Without Johnny
The support for the Preston Warehouse gig is Without Johnny, who are a local band. Their website is rather poor (the blue bit is the navigation), and they insist their name does not refer to contraception.

Without Johnny were named in December 2001, not as a sexual innuendo, but because of Johnny [their former frontman]'s walk out months before. We do not premoted unsafe sex, and do not wish people to think we do. You can't describe the sound of the Without Johnnies, i don't think anyone has successfully done so yet. There are so many influences and styles in the music each song is unique. It's dirty but pure. We like to call it Maths-Rock, because of the use of time signatures to further the experience and the formulaic qualities the songs possess.

- posted by William at 6:43 PM

12th June 2002

More Preston ticket info
In addition to calling Ticketline on the number below, you can get tickets online here, and you can also call in person to Action Records and GMTs in Preston, Townsend Records in Leyland, or the Warehouse reception. They are on the front page of The Warehouse's website, which is nice. Here's something strange: this page says they played the 6th June. How odd.

- posted by William at 2:54 PM

11th June 2002

I have put the latest newsletter from Ooberman online here. I see William has been doing a good job while I've been on my exams... I decided I'd take a night off from revising to update the news for you. And I have been revising! Yes.

- posted by James at 7:04 PM

10th June 2002

Systems Analysis of a Down
You can purchase tickets for the Sheffield Barfly gig from Support is from Soula Fuzz (I was almost right!). James fucked around with this entry, and I am going to kill him. At least we're talking. No-one reads this, ever - it's true. I am bored, and so shall write a complete account of James's sex life to fill up space... Okay now what? Nothing. I should sleep more often.

- posted by William at 4:52 PM

7th June 2002

Someone's got to do something, but I don't think it's going to be me
BarflyI happened to wander past the Sheffield Barfly yesterday, and I noticed that the support for the Oobers was Solar Fizz or Soul Fizz or Soda Pops or something. I should have written it down... I noticed that the Barfly looks rather like a load of old kettles, though. It used to be The National Centre for Pop Music (built with £11 million of lottery cash), but that went nowhere, so now it is having Ooberman and lots of bands I had never heard of (and many I thought had given up long ago). That wasn't really news, was it? Oops.

- posted by William at 9:43 PM

4th June 2002

Second warm-up gig announced
James is verbally abusing me online in an attempt to get me to put this up. He could do it himself, but he is being dog-in-a-manger-ish about his "Study Leave"... TWAT! Anyway... [Peter, you've lost the news!]... second warm-up gig, Thursday 27th June (the day after the first one) at the Sheffield Barfly. Ticket Information coming soon. By the way, the tickets for the Preston gig are £6.00 plus booking charge, and the ticket line is on 01772 654000 or 0870 444 5556.

James: justification
William: because you told me to?
James: i didnt tell you to justify it
William: you told me to justify myself
James: yes but not the news

- posted by William at 7:41 PM

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