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8th May 2003

Time to sing the songs again...
Andy has posted a message reassuring the Oober community that the Oobersplit isn't permanent, or even definite.

I think Dan has had a lot on his mind for a while and he and Soph need to sort things out. There is a temptation to throw the baby out with the bathwater when big life changes occur so I think that only time will tell whether this is the end or not for Ooberman - but I find it hard to accept for whatever that's worth.

Actually... I'm not very reassured by that at all... :-/

- posted by William at 3:11 PM

...nothing left to believe in... ?
Steve just posted a message on the Oobtube regarding the future [if any] of Ooberman.

I don't have the full story yet but fact is Dan's had enough, he's split up with Sophia (who also wants out) and is now in the process of closing Ooberman and Rotodisc down. Funny thing is he didn't tell us. Angry? Damn right. [...] Is this really the end? Well it's hard to imagine continuing as Ooberman without the two front people of the band being present, but after talking to Andy and Jay there's a strong feeling of unfinished business in the air.

The full message can be read here. Whether Ooberman continue as a three-piece, split up entirely, or maybe even *crosses fingers* reunite, one thing's for sure, TMT News will tell you first.

- posted by William at 12:53 AM

7th May 2003

Weary and depressed, he stepped out into space...
Andy just posted on the Oobtube that not only are Ooberman not playing the Truck Festival, but also that Summer Nights In June is not going to be released as a single. He added, somewhat cryptically "If you haven't [bought Hey Petrunko], then you'd better do so before they 'disappear' from the shelves... they're going to be pretty rare from now on..."

- posted by William at 10:55 AM

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