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21st May 2002

"Wills did I say you could post?"
Hi everyone... this is OoberWilliam. Just to let you know that I will be filling in for James while he does his exams... I do think he will be annoyed at me posting this, but c'est la vie :-)

- posted by William at 11:15 PM

16th May 2002

An evening with Ooberman...
This is from

The Oobs are playing a one-off Album Preview night at Oxford Street's intimate and buzzy Metro Club on Wednesday 24th July. If you'd like to come to this rather special happening, write to to go on a reservations list. When the tickets arrive, you'll be given first chance to buy them. Expect the unexpected, sneak listens to album tracks, some acoustic songs, a full band performance and a chance to ask some questions.

If anyone's going, then any information you could send me would be great!

- posted by James at 9:31 PM

13th May 2002

Woo! Single of the Week!
Ooberman are Single of the Week over at Playlouder! Read the review here. Nice one!

- posted by James at 9:51 PM

12th May 2002

Have a nice day
Happy birthday to Dr Andy Flett, who is 31 today! Hope you have a great day!

- posted by James at 4:07 PM

11th May 2002

Bluebell Morning: Limited
Contrary to popular belief, the Bluebell Morning EP is in fact limited to 1, 500 copies. Stevis lied to me! This is from

Distributors Cargo warn that stores are likely to sell out early on Monday, but panic not. Another very limited batch will go out Tuesday. But that's your lot.

Oh my! I hope I get my copy! Sorry to everyone who thought it wasn't limited... nothing to do with me!

- posted by James at 8:06 PM

8th May 2002

NME in "they're not that bad really, are they?!?" shock
The first review of the Bluebell Morning EP has surfaced and it's not a bad review! Here it is:

Liverpool's premier overlooked indie-psychers Ooberman could surely have saved internet tycoon Mark Shuttleworth from spunking £14 million up the wall last month on becoming the world's second ever space tourist. The fragrant title track of this EP is lush, like The Flaming Lips wooing The Swingle Singers on Mars with Stereolab pouring honey into their ears. Blasting into space can surely only be a fraction as terrific as this, while the tricky issue of the weightless toilet ettiquette is neatly avoided.

Any future reviews we find will be posted here as soon as they're found!

- posted by James at 8:20 PM

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