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18th April 2003

Feel the primal thrill...
Early reports suggest Ooberman will release Summer Nights In June as a multi-formatted single in... *drum roll*... ...June. It will be the first song from Hey Petrunko to get a full-scale release.

Truck Festival tickets
You can now buy tickets for the annual Truck Records Festival via Ooberman will be appearing on the main stage on the Sunday.

- posted by James at 9:49 AM

15th April 2003

Next album funded
For some bizarre reason, Hey Petrunko has only been brought by 2000 people, and a further 3000 copies need to be sold in order to pay back the money spent while producing the album. Fortunately, Danny has been able to obtain another year's European Union funding for Rotodisc. This means the band will be able to keep their recording studio and continue to release records. Hooray!

Ooberman for Truck Festival
Danny has revealed that the band will be playing the main stage at the annual Truck Records Festival. The festival runs on the 19th and 20th of July, and Ooberman will be performing on the 20th. The arena is in a field somewhere in Oxford and the Truck Records web-site has all the information you need. Other acts which are set to appear include Black Nielson, Fonda 500, Four Storeys, Goldrush, Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia, Resonance, Simon's Biography, Stars Of Track And Field and Whispering Bob. However, Andy has said that it is unlikely that the band will play Glastonbury this year.

- posted by James at 3:10 PM

Computer... remove helmet
Ooberman's Hey Petrunko tour ended last night in Leeds. Both Andy and Danny had jokingly hinted that it would be their last ever gig, but the band were reportedly somewhat subdued. The previous night's gig in Ashton-Under-Lyne had obviously effected the band, the crowd being predominantly made up of fans of the support band (who seemed unimpressed by Ooberman), the venue being a dive, and the door staff refusing to admit several of the band's younger fans. Skinnie (Ooberman's tour manager), Danny and Jaymie's attempts to negotiate with the bouncers were valiant and underlined exactly how nice the Oobs are, but TMT's own James still ended up hearing the band's set through the railings outside.

No, not the Georgia in America...
After the Ashton gig, Andy mentioned that Dan had been in contact with a band from Georgia, and hoped to do a gig or two there. If you don't know where Georgia is, click here. It's next to Turkey. Meanwhile, the band are also finalising plans for gigs in Spain and Berlin.

- posted by William at 2:38 PM

Album #3!
We have received intelligence (from Andy Flett - cheers!) that Ooberman plan to record a double album, set for release in 2004. The first CD will have "pop" songs on, and the second CD will have "weird" songs on. This will probably all change though, but, it's news...

And the winner isn't...
Can you remember the DotMusic Interactive Music Awards 2002? Well, TMT was entered for the People's Choice Award and we came 322nd! That's quite high considering it was out of a thousand-odd sites. And it was voted for by you! So cheers. Let's get higher next year...

- posted by James at 12:43 PM

11th April 2003

It's not for you, Scottish boy
It would appear that Ooberman's Edinburgh gig will not be going ahead tonight. More details were to be announced nearer to the time, but nothing has been confirmed. Oober drummer Jaymie Ireland said at their Birmingham show that the Edinburgh gig was not going ahead, and he should know.

- posted by William at 2:03 PM

10th April 2003

Oobers come back down to Earth in Milton Keynes
Ooberman have recorded an exclusive session for The Garden Of Earthly Delights, a Milton Keynes-based radio show broadcast on CRMK at 10pm on Fridays. The tracks they recorded were Bluebell Morning, Dreams In The Air, Too Many Memories and Bong. They also recorded a jingle for the show. Danny apparently said that the version of Dreams In The Air they did for the show was the best recording of it ever.

If you don't live in Milton Keynes (or just prefer internet radio), you can listen to the show on Monday nights on Radio Free MK. The session will also be available on a CD from the The Garden Of Earthly Delights website. He talks about mixes, I hope it's not in a bad Fatboy Slim way.

- posted by William at 11:07 AM

5th April 2003

Buy bootlegs online
The official Hey! Tour Bootleg CDs are now available to buy online. The CDs can be brought for £12 each (or £27 for all three) through Townsend Records. The CDs contain b-sides, rare tracks and radio sessions. For full tracklistings, see the Townsend site.

B-SidesRadio OobRare Oob

- posted by James at 4:59 PM

4th April 2003

Old newspaper gives mixed account of HP...
Yesterday I was handed a piece of paper, a page from "liverpoolstudent", which seems to be a newspaper for Liverpool students, dated 10th March. It contained a review of Hey Petrunko by Jenny Birtill. All mistakes are reproduced as printed.

Ooberman - Hey, Petrunko!
"This album is about the hidden dreams, the yearning for the lost inner-glow of childhood," proclaims the sleeve Hey, Pertrunko! It is the follow-up to 1999's dreamy debut "The Magic Treehouse"., and, somehow, Ooberman seem to have gone too far on the "we-love-life" ethos that made the first album so glorious. Such sickly outpourings should be enough to put off the drippiest of indie-lovers, especially when, on the opening strains of 'Bluebell Morning' singer Dan Popplewell (whose parents probably never told him Santa doesn't actually exist), attempts to charm us with his sugar-coated crooning.
He innocently asks, "Do you feel like a bluebell morning? Or a golden afternoon?", while "First Day of the Holidays" is as vomit-inducing and nostalgic as its name would suggest, a paean to "the way it used to be" when everyone always lived together, you know, Happily Ever After.
However, despite its initial saccarine-sweetness, the ambiguously-named "Hey Petrunko" in some ways marks a departure from the youthful innocence of the band's exuberant debut. It reveals a more mature sound through stand-out moments such as the single "Running Girl", a pounding ballad of simple beauty, and the Coral-influenced psychedelia of Snake Dance, both a mixture of whimsical beauty and unguarded pessimism. These tracks helpto make this a record a reminder of the true beauty of Ooberman. On previous efforts - like the endlessly gorgeous "Shorley Wall" EP - they won their way into our bitter hearts with the promise of injecting a bit of their own particular brand of magic into our grey little lives. Although Hey Petrunko is not one for hardened cynics, it is worthy listening for those who don't mind a bit of make-believe. Hey, someone's got to keep the fantasy alive.

...while magazine is content to regurgitate press statement
This review was in LiVE Magazine, a free magazine I found last week in that cool record shop in Liverpool that isn't Probe or Hairy... the one underground in the Palace Centre. The magazine appears to be from December 2002...

Ooberman - Hey Petrunko
14 tracks, 3 videos, 3 years, 3 drummers... it is about time the mysterious Ooberman delivered their much-anticipated new album, apparently due for release early next year. The soundtrack is amazing, with songs like "Where Did I Go Wrong" and the emotionally epic "Open The Hatch" being full of subtle visual allusion. Other tracks like "Snake Dance" and "Hand That Gets Burnt" establish strong melodies that make the album exceptionally dynamic. The album is destined to be one of Liverpool's finest moments of 2003.

- posted by William at 1:30 PM

3rd April 2003

Kingpyn EP out soon
Ooberman drummer Jaymie Ireland - aka Kingpyn - is to release an EP called School Of Thought. The release - likely to be issued on Rotodisc - will be available through Townsend soon. The only other known Kingpyn release is Just Sittin' Here, which can be found on Ooberman's Beany Bean single.

- posted by James at 8:31 PM

Bid or post... bid or post... post
On a brighter note, a signed copy of Shorley Wall (CD1) is available from Ebay here. At the time of posting, no-one had bid on it.

- posted by William at 4:48 PM

Danny tells it like it is
Danny posted this message on the Oobtube at 12:45pm today, with characteristic lack of grammar.

Sophie is currently still recovering from a nasty bout of flu (which also hit Andy just after the first leg of the tour). She managed to make it to a radio session in Belfast on Tuesday but wasn't up to the Newcastle gig. She's taking it easy now, and touch wood, she'll be ok for Liverpool on Saturday. It's an important show for us so we'd probably try and do a cut-down set without her if we had to. But let's hope not. Cos she's the real star!

- posted by William at 1:29 PM

Newcastle gig cancelled
Ooberman's gig at the Newcastle Union, due to be played tonight (3rd of April), has been called off. More news on this soon, including the band's comments.

Update: Dirk B, one of Ooberman's many web-slaves, has posted on the OobTube, confirming the report. It's claimed the gig was cancelled due to illness.

- posted by James at 8:31 AM

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