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23rd April 2002

OoberNews Explosion!
Oober2002 is getting into full swing with details of many exciting Oob related happenings appearing on If you can't make it to the recently announced Glastonbury appearance (New Band Stage: 30th June) you will soon be able to enjoy Ooberman from the comfort of your own home. The new Bluebell Morning EP is already getting support from several radio stations and the video will be shown on MTV2 & PlayUK and will also be avaliable for selection on The Box & Q-Channel in the near future. (Video selection numbers will be posted here as soon as we know them!)

Beany Bean Single & Mini Tour!
With the news that the release of Hey Petrunko has been put back until September to allow for a proper UK Tour, this July will now see the release of the multi-formated single Beany Bean. It will be accompanied by a mini-tour with dates still to be confirmed that will fall between the 15th - 20th July.

A Reason To Get Up Sunday Morning! - Oobs on T4!
Sometime in August Ooberman will be performing on Channel 4's Sunday morning show T4! The band would like you to send your suggestions of what they should wear to!

- posted by Ben at 6:58 PM

Ooberman at Glasto 2002!
Stevis has revealed on the OobTube that Ooberman will play Glastonbury Festival 2002. For more information on the event, visit the official Glastonbury web-site at

- posted by James at 6:18 PM

22nd April 2002

Snake Dance!
Jo Whiley played Snake Dance today on Radio 1. E-mail Jo or leave a message on her Message Board now!

- posted by James at 12:51 PM

17th April 2002

Bluebell Morning gets it's first play
Mark and Lard played Bluebell Morning on their show today, so now's the perfect time to go and tell them how much you like it at their Message Board! Don't leave too many messages as the Moderators get a little bit peeved ;)

- posted by James at 6:59 PM

13th April 2002

Bluebell Morning has been given a new look! There's a Flash version, and a HTML version... Oh, also, there are sound clips of Bluebell Morning, Angel Of Bradford and Snake Dance, so get a move on and download them! They sound really cool...

Pre-order Bluebell Morning!
You can pre-order the Bluebell Morning EP at You can also order it at Click here for more information.

- posted by James at 3:26 PM

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