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31st March 2003

Jaymie stands alone
We have been informed that Ooberman drummer Jaymie Ireland, aka Kingpyn, is playing an acoustic set at Liverpool's Cavern Club this coming Wednesday (2nd April). He will be backed [according to LiVE Magazine] by Richie David, aka Freeloader, a talented up-and-coming guitarist. Jaymie takes to the stage at about 10pm. Despite the title of this post, Jaymie performs seated, in a stool-rock way.

Random Ooberfact: Jaymie Ireland is left-handed.

- posted by William at 7:52 PM technical problems!
You may have noticed that the official website,, is down. The band are working hard to try and get it back online, if you're after a link straight to the RotoDisc Forums and the OobTube, click here.

- posted by James at 12:40 PM

29th March 2003

Going down to talk to the Qs
Hey Petrunko was reviewed by Sarah Cohen in the latest issue of Q Magazine. They gave it 3 out of 5. Thanks to Imo for typing it up.

Ooberman - Hey Petrunko [3 stars]
Grandiose second album from Bradford oddballs.

That Ooberman have immersed themselves in classical music of late is evident, Hey Petrunko hanging together more like a magnum opus than 15 separate tracks. Combining conventional song structures with narrative passages and orchestral interludes, their newly lush sound here twinkles like The Flaming Lips with some of The Boo Radleys' quirky pop nous too.

- posted by William at 9:18 PM

26th March 2003

Radio Session Postponed
Ooberman's 6 Music session with Gideon Coe was apparently postponed due to the band's various ailments. When it is rescheduled, we'll tell you first, so don't touch that dial!

- posted by William at 10:09 PM

25th March 2003

Remix Competition
Ooberman have announced a competition to remix their track Running Girl into a club-friendly, dancefloor-filling version. It is part of the next step of Danny Ooberman's plans for world-domination. The best remix may end up as a b-side, or a white label club disc. You can download the individual parts of the songs in a zip file from [click]

You have until May 2003, so get mixing!

- posted by William at 8:54 PM

Gideon No?
It seems Ooberman's live broadcast for Gideon Coe on 6 Music (reported on the 20th March) didn't go ahead. I can't find any details on the site, but I've e-mailed Gideon for more information. Were they actually on? Do you know when they'll be on? Will they ever be on? If you know, please e-mail me!

- posted by James at 8:48 PM

20th March 2003

Ooberman on 6Music
Ooberman will be playing live for Gideon Coe's 6 Music show on the 25th March. The show broadcasts from 10am until 1pm and you can listen online or through a digital radio. I'll have mp3s up as soon as I can!

- posted by James at 7:27 PM

Metro Review from

Ooberman's Dan Popplewell looks like a punch drunk boxer who's opened his eyes to see his opponent flat out. He seems bewildered yet edgy, not quite sure where he is or why we're watching him. You see Ooberman are touring for the first time in years and since their last live dates they've gone from media darlings through the depression of the loss of a record contract and now back out into the bright lights of small venue gigs like this. Fortunately, they are not alone. A sizable and enthusiastic crowd of young Ooberboys and Oobergirls have gathered to bear witness to the pop wonder that is Ooberman.

The rhythm's tight and the accompanying vocals from lush chanteuse Sophia are light, airy and sweet but it's frontman Dan who keeps you entranced, his army jacketed figure patrolling the stage like a guard with coarse woollen pants. The songs are the perfect mix of the old and new, one minute melancholic, the next euphoric. There's hints of Belle and Sebastian, Flaming Lips, Gorky's and the Delgados, and with the new single First Day of the Holidays, even Pulp playing ELO's Mr Blue Sky. Other highlights are the eastern fiddle thrashing of SnakeDance, the boggle eyed silliness of early single Sugarbum, the ska on 78rpm of Beany Bean and the pure pop splendour of Bluebell Morning.

Rock n roll is dead, long live Ooberpop.

Reviewed by Paul M on

- posted by William at 4:30 PM

19th March 2003

Tour News
The first leg of the Ooberman tour - which called at Cardiff, Leicester, Glasgow, York and London - has now come to an end. There's been ups and downs, with Andy's guitar amp breaking in Leicester and Sophia's ear drum being blown during the York sound-check, but overall reviews have been coming in fast and not one person has been disappointed! Remember, Ooberman go back on stage on the 3rd of April in Newcastle in smaller, more intimate venues. Check the Gigography for tickets and directions, and later tonight for all the reviews, setlists and pictures from first leg.

- posted by James at 8:42 AM

15th March 2003

Dan Pop on B-Sides
In a dispatch from, Danny Popplewell spoke about the B-sides to the new Oobersingle.

"Goodbye Gadfly is an old song from 1990, about a girl who I'd just split up with at the time. As you'll know yourself, the first is the worst breakup. I recorded this as a demo for the new album and added some new words that brought back memories of teenage summer nights drinking cider by the off licence. My dad's been badgering me to record this for years. Too Many Memories is a solo Sophie song, and may sound familiar to some of you..."

The version of First Day of the Holidays on the single is "a special radio mix, shortened from the original album track, with added real strings by Andrew Carpenter." So now you know.

- posted by William at 9:00 PM

Ever wondered what ex-OoberDrummer Paul Walsham is up to these days? No. Me either. But I have stumbled across a site which reveals to the world what he's now doing. He's part of the backing band for the "jazz-funk-blues guitarist" Richard Smith, also know as Row Z. I'm sure you all care.

- posted by James at 8:23 PM

14th March 2003

First Mistake of the Holidays
We have received intelligence that there has been an error in the making of the First Day of the Holidays CDs. Apparently, the CD says the B-sides are Lavender Blue and Falling Down, whereas they are in fact Goodbye Gadfly and Too Many Memories, as listed on the CD cover.

- posted by William at 10:11 PM

13th March 2003

Best reason not to buy NME since The Libertines
NME's review of the new Oobersingle, First Day of the Holidays, is less than complimentary. Maybe if they came from Noo Yawk and their pants were tighter, Tim Jonze might like them more. Here's the review.

First Day Of The Holidays OOBERMAN
First Day Of The Holidays
Ooberman are smart enough to know two key rock facts. They know that it's okay to namecheck Queen. And they know that no sane record buyer gives a flying fuck that Ooberman are back with a new record. Working on these two principles they've arrived at 'First Day Of The Holidays', the indie equivalent of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Well, not really, but it does have two different bits glued together in an unwieldy manner. And a high-pitched bit, and a rocking bit. Sort of. In fact, the only real difference between the two is that you won't secretly rock out to this when you think nobody's looking. Because it's shit.

- posted by William at 10:37 AM

12th March 2003

Like a...
Ooberman are mentioned in the "Well Hung at Dawn" column in the current issue of Rolling Stone (the one with Avril on the cover). For the uninitiated, Rolling Stone is either the greatest rock magazine in the world, or the American Mojo, depending on your age and point of view.

In our 2K2 Year-End Spectacular, we declared Liverpool to be the most happening music city on God's Green Earth, yet somehow forgot to mention the Best Band in Town, the one and only Ooberman. The planet's finest psychedelic twee sci-fi pop combo just released their long-awaited -- by us, at least -- second album Hey, Petrunko, a melodic, moving, and mental concept album about the death of childlike innocence (a subject close to our hearts, natch!). Oh, but it's weird and wonderful!

You can read the full column here.

- posted by William at 2:44 PM

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The Phantom rolls on...
Ooberman have kick-started their Hey Petrunko Tour today at the Cardiff Barfly, but good old OoberBassist Stevis is not very well! If you're going to one of the dates on the tour, remember to wish him well.

- posted by James at 9:49 PM

6th March 2003

Pre-order First Day Of The Holidays
First Day Of The HolidaysYou can now pre-order the forthcoming Ooberman single, First Day Of The Holidays, at the officially-endorsed Townsend Records for £2.99. The release will be issued on CD only and is limited to 1000 copies, so make sure you get those orders in soon! The single will be released on Monday the 17th March.

- posted by James at 7:02 PM

5th March 2003

New gig in Leeds
The date for the Leeds gig has been confirmed. Ooberman will play The New Roscoe in Leeds on the 14th of April. Tickets are available by calling the Box Office on 0113 246 0778 and priced £5. For full details, see the Gigography.

- posted by James at 8:32 PM

3rd March 2003

Hey Petrunko out now!
After more than 2 years of production and delays, the 2nd Ooberman album, Hey Petrunko, is finally released today. Go out to your local record store and buy it now! It's worth the wait. You can also order it online by clicking here. It should be with you within 2 days (if you live in the UK). To get all the info on Hey Petrunko, see TMT's Discography.

- posted by James at 7:26 AM

1st March 2003

New live dates announced
Live dates for Newcastle and Edinburgh have been announced. You can read about them in the Gigography. Final arrangements are also being set for gigs in Sheffield and Leeds. More news soon on these soon.

More single details
The First Day Of The Holidays single will be released on the 17th March. It will be issued on CD only, and limited to 1000 copies. The tracklisting is First Day Of The Holidays (single version), Goodbye Gadfly and Too Many Memories. Artwork available here soon.

- posted by James at 8:20 PM

Ooberman interview online
Entertainment Ireland have an interview with Dan Pop online. You can read it by clicking here.

- posted by James at 12:51 PM

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