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24th March 2002

Bluebell Morning video
The promo video for Bluebell Morning was filmed on Friday, and one of the dancers, Jen, has given us this information: "It's basically a bit of a Pop Idol piss take, but not - it's got a group of dancers pretending to audition to be in the new Ooberman video, and the bloke with the ponytail (sorry I dunno any of the names) is like the bloke auditioning us... and then I think it's Danny, and he's playing the piano in the background, and theres a weird bloke with a weird drum..." Well that does sound interesting. Anyway... thanks Jen!

- posted by James at 11:16 AM

23th March 2002

Ruby Slippers zine out now!
There is an exclusive interview with Dan Pop and a review of Running Girl in the new issue of the Ruby Slippers fanzine (issue 5). It costs 1.20 for 48 pages (inc P&P). A certain percentage of the money from all zines sold goes to Oxfam. To order:

- posted by James at 9:51 AM

18th March 2002

Updated Studio Diary
Sir Andy Flett has updated his studio diary over at Click here to read it.

- posted by James at 6:11 PM

16th March 2002

BM EP put back again...
The Bluebell Morning EP will now be released on the 13th of May, 2002. But Stevis tells me there's a good reason: it's no longer a limited release, it's a full-scale one!

- posted by James at 10:10 AM

8th March 2002

Change of plan...
They have changed their minds again... This is from

The new EP from Ooberman will now be called The Bluebell Morning and is due for release on the 29th April. The final track listing is:
Bluebell Morning
Angel Of Bradford
Souls Of the Northern Lights
Miss You Miss
Snake Dance

The EP will be available as an enhanced CD (limited to 1500) and will be available in most major record shops. A video for the lead track along with club mixes of Bluebell Morning and Snake Dance are also underway so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled.

Beany Bean
This is also from the mailing list:

Beany Bean is set to be the first chart eligable single released from the new Ooberman album Hey Petrunko. A suprise track which only came into contention in the last 2 weeks, Beany Bean is classic Ooberman pop with a bitter edge - A possible soundtrack for the summer. Expect to hear it soon on your radio!

Third US date?
Apparently Danny and Sophia played 3 gigs in the US last month, do you have the third date? E-mail me.

New Ooberman website
A new unofficial Ooberman website is now online:

- posted by James at 6:13 PM

2nd March 2002

Too much information
A new Ooberman newsletter has been sent out, and once again we have it online. To read the pure, unadulterated newsletter please click here.

- posted by James at 5:11 PM

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