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27th February 2003

Keep on Runnin'
If you don't have the Running Girl 7" yet, TMT favourites Amulet Records have several copies of it on eBay (£3.49 on "buy it now"). You have until 2pm on Saturday. [click]

- posted by William at 1:38 PM

Previews on 6 Music
As earlier reported, Hey Petrunko is Album Of The Day on 6 Music. You can hear 3 sound clips from the album on their site by clicking here.

- posted by James at 11:59 AM

Aston-Under-Lyne gig announced
Ooberman will play the Witchwood in Ashton-Under-Lyne (near Manchester) on the 13th April. Full details, as always, in the Gigography.

- posted by James at 11:36 AM

26th February 2003

6 Music Album Of The Day
Hey Petrunko will be 6 Music Album Of The Day tomorrow. They'll be playing tracks throughout the day. You can hear the station through digital radio, or listen online through BBC Online.

- posted by James at 7:03 PM

Better take your wallets to the gigs...
Ooberman are putting together a collection of 'official' bootleg CDs to sell on tour at £9.99 each. They are as follows:

B-Side of the Oob - all the Ooberman B-sides
Radio Oob - tracks from Radio Sessions
Rare Oob - pre-Ooberman demos, obscure songs that never made it and so on.

Also, Ooberman have "uncovered" copies of Sugar Bum and The Story So Far, which will also be on sale at the gigs (while stocks last).

- posted by William at 4:40 PM

The second support for Ooberman's Leicester Charlotte gig has been announced as 5 Green Bottles.

- posted by William at 4:33 PM

Birmingham gig announced
Ooberman will play The Old Railway in Birmingham on the 8th April. Support comes from Silversuit.

- posted by James at 12:58 PM

24th February 2003

Cherry Falls. Who the fuck are they?
The Charlotte's site is also listing Cherry Falls as the support for Ooberman (the same as the Cardiff gig), so it looks as if they'll be at all the dates. They're also listing "plus guests". So who are Cherry Falls? Well I have no idea. Sorry.

- posted by James at 7:10 PM

New Hey Petrunko review
I got my copy of Hey Petrunko today (thanks Dan Pop!), and I shall be reviewing it later. Anyway, here's a review from Logo Magazine:

Ace stuff, this, from the ever-improving Ooberman, a band so out-there even die-hard Flaming Lips fans don't know what to make of them. It isn't difficult; Hey Petrunko is comprised of fourteen lush, lavish micro-symphonies composed somewhere on the outer rim of Orion: part soda-pop pop, part an artful dissection of relationships and the monotony of life, and all of it stirringly, poignantly twee. That's normally a criticism, not here. Ooberman manage to cram crushing guitars into a framework of soul-stirring melody, while their ambitions prompt them to play with what is basically an Olde English folk template (the bottomless beauty of Dreams In The Air), marry it to a pretentious, Art-School ethic, and make it work. Peter Pan would love it.
Suzie Q

Ooberman on 6 Music playlist
Ooberman are currently on the b-list of BBC 6 Music's playlist with First Day Of The Holidays.

- posted by James at 3:45 PM

21st February 2003

Secret gig
Last night, Ooberman supported John Power (formerly of Cast) at The Picket in Liverpool. Danny: "It was a supersecret 'closed gig' before an audience of 14-18 yr olds as part of a community development European funded thing." Were you there? Please send us info!

- posted by James at 4:52 PM

18th February 2003

Cardiff support announced
Cherry Falls will be supporting Ooberman at their gig in the Cardiff Barfly. Don't forget you can find more information on this and more gigs in the Gigography.

- posted by James at 1:22 PM

11th February 2003

Pre-order at Amazon
You can now pre-order Hey Petrunko on CD from

- posted by James at 1:06 PM

10th February 2003

New single details
The first single to be lifted from Hey Petrunko will be First Day Of The Holidays. The single will be released on the 17th March, two weeks after the album is released. You can pre-order the single at OpalMusic. More details on formats and tracks coming soon.

- posted by James at 12:06 PM

eBay the letter
A copy of the new Ooberman album Hey Petrunko has found it's way onto eBay. Click here to view/bid. You have until 1pm on Tuesday.

nb. it's not us that's selling it.

- posted by William at 12:48 AM

9th February 2003

Oobers kill label?
If rumours on the Popbitch messageboard are to be believed, Independiente (the label that dropped Ooberman) is closing down. Having looked at their flashturbatory web site I can say that I am very glad.

- posted by William at 10:29 PM

Licensed Practices?
The UK Government is going to make it necessary for all public buildings where music is performed or rehearsed to to be licensed. This includes churches (for music not related to services) and other religious buildings, charity events, a group of musicians playing in a pub, village halls and community centres. Leaked documents have suggested this will cost between £500-£1000 a year. This could lead to a reduction in the availibility of rehearsal areas, as many will not be able to afford a licence. Also, fund raising events by musicians will be a lot more difficult and youth groups - already low on money - will be required to practice in an expensive licensed venue.

If you want to practice a performance in a public building it will have to be licensed. What happens if you don't pay your licence? Currently suggested penalties include £20,000 fine or 6 months in prison. Sign the petition online by clicking here or view the full review at

- posted by James at 9:55 PM

3rd February 2003

Ooberman's Liverpool date has been confirmed as the 5th of April (that's a Saturday) on The Bandits' Bandwagon club night at The Zanzibar.

- posted by William at 3:21 PM

Suggest a venue
The tour dates for March/April 2003 are now being finalised, but the band want you to suggest other venues for the tour. If you know of a good venue that holds 100-200 people, then e-mail the details to The Oobs are particularly looking for venues in Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Brighton and Leeds.

If you live in the Wolverhampton/Birmingham area, the Little Civic is good place to suggest. It's small, vibey and intimate. Quite a few people have suggested it already, so if you do too hopefully the band will play there.

- posted by James at 3:07 PM

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