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31st January 2003

Helen, wife of Ooberbassist Stevis, says that Ooberman are to play Liverpool's Zanzibar sometime in April. More details as we get them.

- posted by William at 10:07 AM

27th January 2003

Leicester date set
The Leicester gig, which was predicted below, now has a confirmed date. The band will play at The Charlotte on the 12th of March. Tickets are £6 and you can order them with a credit or debit card by calling 0115 9129000. Full information in the Gigography. {thanks Anne}

- posted by James at 7:26 PM

23rd January 2003

More dates discovered
I've now found another two tour dates (London and Glasgow). You can read about them in the Gigography. More soon...

- posted by James at 7:20 PM

New tour dates!
Two gigs have been confirmed, one in York (as predicted below) and one in Cardiff. For the full details, click here. Also, The Charlotte in Leicester is advertising an Ooberman gig at an unconfirmed date in March. We'll keep you posted on any further tour news. {thanks Anne}

- posted by James at 5:00 PM

18th January 2003

TMT is back!
The Magic Treehouse is now back online after about a month off offlineivity. We're on a faster server with more space. I've also updated a load of sections, and you can read a full list of updates here.

Hey Petrunko Updates
Hey Petrunko will now be released on the 3rd of March. If you order the album from Townsend Records you should recieve it on morning of release. You can now also view the Hey Petrunko mini-site at by visiting the site and following the link.

2003 Tour News
The March tour dates are now being finalised, and will be revealed soon. Dates and venues are unknown, but there's a flyer in York Fibbers saying that Ooberman will be playing there on an unconfirmed date {thanks Kevin}

Hey Petrunko review
This is from, written by Jim Healy:

Hey, Petrunko is certainly one of those albums that demands a few listens to really understand its intricacies. Ooberman's airy lyrics made up of mystical and dreamlike images may not appeal to everyone but those who are receptive to such nuances should enjoy it. It would be too easy to say this album is a mix of every other music style. To try and be specific, Hey, Petrunko fuses together folk and rock with songs derivative of fairytales, drinking songs and eastern melodies. Upon listening to the opening song Hatch Opens, one should realise we are listening to an introduction that leads into a mini-opera or symphony of sorts. Despite this flashy set-up, there's an undercurrent of realism and maturity running throughout the album. It is this undercurrent that helps prevent the album from going too far astray into tweeness or self-indulgence. Oveall, this album should satisfy those with the quirkiest of musical tastebuds and have them coming back to play it again.

- posted by James at 11:56 AM

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