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25th January 2002

Buy New York tickets
To buy tickets to Danny and Sophia's March Records acoustic gig in New York's Brownie's - with Barcelona, The Saturday People and Aden also appearing - click here.

- posted by James at 7:29 PM

20th January 2002

Running Girl: Joint 9
The Running Girl mini-album is at number 9 in Drowned In Sound's Albums of 2001. There's about 17 other album also at number 9, so it is quite disturbing. To read the whole list click here, and to read Running Girl's original review at the site, click here.

- posted by James at 11:01 AM

19th January 2002

Running Girl in America
The Running Girl mini-album will be released in the US on the 20th of February, via March Records (product code MAR076). It will feature two extra tracks and new artwork, so I'll get those to you as soon as I can!

Click here to read the latest e-mail sent to the official mailing list.

- posted by James at 7:41 PM

16th January 2002

Abstract Sky: Now an EP
Abstract Sky will now be released as a limited edition EP. Due to the increased work load the release date has now been put off till the beginning of March. More information including a track listing in the next few weeks.

New York acoustic gigs
In February Danny and Sophia will be playing a number of acoustic gigs in New York. No venue details as yet, but keep checking here for venue and ticket details.

- posted by James at 7:38 PM

3rd January 2002

OoberPoll 2002
A Poll has been added to the site, so go and check it out please :)

Official Site updated has been updated. There's a competition, an updated Studio Diary and also the biography has been given a little make-over, although thats not too exciting.

- posted by James at 6:34 PM

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