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James | 8th August 2006

New album out now!

Carried Away, Ooberman's brand new studio album, was released yesterday (7th August) on Rotodisc. And a fine figure of beauty it is. The album should hopefully be available in all of your local record stores, but if possible please check that they have the album in stock (in both the high street chains and independents). If they don't, email Craig from Cargo Distribution at craig@cargorecords.co.uk with the details and he should be able to sort it out. If you've already got your copy, enjoy, and spread the word! If you haven't, get one now and then spread the word. You can really help the album sell as many copies as possible... tell your friends, email radio DJs asking them to play Ooberman, add Ooberman as a friend on your MySpace... the list is endless. Hopefully the band will sell enough copies to continue making music, but if they don't, I'm holding you personally responsible. Don't forget, you can also purchase the album online through Amazon.

Please also pop along to The Oobtube, Ooberman's message board, to discuss the album and your promotional techniques.

James | 15th June 2006

New Ooberman single released on Monday

Are you ready to part with your hard-earned cash? A limited-edition Ooberman single – the first for three years – is released on Monday. The Beauty Of Your Soul is limited to 250 copies in the UK and 250 in Japan, and has already nearly sold out. A few copies remain on sale in the Ooberman webshop and a small number will be distibuted to the fine record stores of the UK. Best of luck getting a copy! As well as this, some beautiful new official Ooberman tshirts are now on sale. Head over to the Ooberman tshirt shop now to see the range, including the fancy gold and black shirt.

William | 5th May 2006

Album title, tracklist and more...

Hi all. William here, reporting for TMT news once again. This is quite a large update, so fasten your seatbelts.

Large things are afoot at OoberHQ - a title, tracklisting and approximate release date have been posted on ooberman.net. The album is to be called Carried Away, and will be released in August on Rotodisc, distributed by Cargo. The tracklisting will be as follows:

  1. Carried Away
  2. Crashing Ellipticals
  3. Mary Grows Old
  4. The Beauty Of Your Soul
  5. Lavender Blue
  6. Easy
  7. Eye Of The Storm
  8. Twinkling Aurora
  9. Far Far Away
  10. Bong
  11. Falling Down
  12. Go to Sleep

Three of the songs will be familliar to the Oober-faithful - Lavender Blue was made available online prior to the release of Hey Petrunko, Bong was on the Rare Oob Hey! Tour Bootleg, and Falling Down was available on the limited edition Japanese version of Hey Petrunko, Hey, Petrunko plus.... No news on what is to become of previously announced tracks My Yiddishe Mama and Rosie Mel. The album will be preceded by not one, but two smaller Oober-releases.

Firstly, in June, a 7" will be released of The Beauty of Your Soul. It will be backed by Today's The Day part II (the long-awaited sequel to the Shorley Wall EP track) and new song Spirit of Adventure. In July, the album's title track Carried Away will be released as a download-only single via iTunes.

To accompany the release of the album, there will be new Oober-shirts available. You can vote on what colours the shirts should be on the Oobtube.

However, it's not all plain sailing for the Oobs - a website fault meant that some lucky fans managed to get their hands on an unfinished version of the album, as well as artwork, and tracks from the forthcoming 7".

What has become of Andy's book about life as an Ooberman is still unknown, but his solo album is reportedly going to be released sometime after Carried Away.

Finally, if you're a MySpace user you can add Ooberman to your friendlist and their songs to your profile by visiting myspace.com/oobermantheband.

Phew, that was... several paragraphs. If you're still reading this: congratulations, you officially have quite a long attention span. I'll be doing more updates from time to time as Ooberman do stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for those (and for the new-look TMT that James has told me is coming soon).

Updated: 20th April 2006

Ooberman reform!

Today, ooberman.net has been officially launched, with news of an Oober-reunion. The band spent much of late last year preparing a rare recordings album full of material from 1992-2003 along with a few newly recorded songs. However, the number of new songs soon started to total up and they eventually found themselves with a whole new album. The as-yet-untitled album is set to be released in the UK in the Summer, distributed by Cargo Records. A Japanese release of the album will follow in June or July. See ooberman.net for full details.

    Provisional Tracklisting
  1. Carried Away
  2. Crashing Ellipticals
  3. Mary Grows Old
  4. Beauty of Your Soul
  5. Lavender Blue
  6. Far Far Away
  7. Twinkling Aurora
  8. Bong
  9. Easy
  10. Eye of the Storm
  11. My Yiddishe Mamma
  12. Rosie Mel
  13. Go to Sleep

Updated: 15th February 2006

Recent news round-up

A year or so ago, ooberman.net - a domain registered by Dan Pop - was found. It shows a graphic with 'Ooberman - Rare Recordings 1991-2005'. The domain seems to be down at the moment though, has someone forgotten to pay the bills? Anyway, since then Danny has posted on The Oobtube with more info on the site. The album will feature old rarities, unreleased songs as well as some brand new Ooberman songs. When it will be released remains to be seen, as the band are busy on their own projects... but what are they, I hear you ask?

Well, Danny has been working on music for movie trailers, TV and the like. And Andy and Steve have been cobbling together an album in Steve's attic. And it's complete. And it will no doubt see the light of day soon. It's all very exciting isn't it? Check The Oobtube for the posts from Danny and Steve, and say hello while you're there too.

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